Premium Series.

Ranch Horse Fencing
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Premium Series Horse Fencing!


Our horse fencing is far different than many others on the market today. Why? Because all PVC is not created equally. Many PVC materials have added fillers which make the material brittle and susceptible to UV damage. When comparing costs - pay attention to the details that will make or break your new fence.


A cheaply made PVC fence can shatter, become chalky or yellowed, requiring expensive repairs later that will cost more than any savings made with the initial purchase. Equestrian Rail Fence, Four Rail Style, Premier Ranch Rail horse fencing is available in three and four rail styles. Freight additional.


Information and Pricing.

Posts (set every eight feet)

  • 7 tall total, 5 above ground
  • routed, 5 x 5 with a .150 wall thickness
  • includes cap.
Premium Series
Three Rail Fence

(sold by linear foot)

$6.95/per foot
  • 1.5 x 5.5 mono-extruded
  • webbed
  • wall thickness of .10
  • 16 long
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Vinyl Horse FenceVinyl Fence Top
Color: Available in five distinct colors: Pebblestone, Stone,White, Clay, and
Almond. POST CAP STYLES Add flair, personality, or understated elegance
to your fence with a variety of post sizes and cap options. All post cap styles are available in Pebblestone, Stone,White, Clay, and Almond. Ball, Flat, Internal Flat, Colonial, or Gothic.

Horse Fence VinylPerformance:

Most consumers do not realize that fencing material is not regulated by any goverment agency, in fact, anything can be sold as fencing--and you will find a variety of materials in most fencing products. However our fencing material is made of an AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) approved material. This is the agency that regulates materials for the housing industry.

For example, window and door frames require a special PVC mixture that has a high UV rating and also includes a flex polymer to avoid cracking and shattering when natural settling occurs in a new construction. Our fencing material meets this criteria! Few other fencing products on the the market today can make that claim.

Premier Equestrian ranch rail fencing is made of the highest quality PVC available. Because of its impact resistant polymers, our post and rails will perform the same as other PVC's that are double the thickness. Our .08" wall thickness will take the same impact as a wall twice as thick! Our post, which has a wall thickness of .135", has the impact resistance rating as that of a .30" wall. Our PVC

PVC is not all the same, so protect your investment. Don't use inferior PVC for your fencing!